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President of RF CCI Sergey Katyrin. Russian-British cooperation on «RussiaTALK».

President of RF CCI Sergey Katyrin. Russian-British cooperation on «RussiaTALK». Russian business is interested in broad cooperation with British companies, the same signals are coming from British entrepreneurs, said the RF CCI President to RussiaTALK.

This traditional annual Russian-British investment forum, organized by the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC) in conjunction with the RF CCI, was held at Ilyinka 14 times.

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Настроим Сбыт продукции 产品的销售 Sales of productsЭкспортные продажи 出口销售 Export sales оптом за границу. Запустим быстрый поиск покупателя 找买家 Find a Buyer на ваши товары за рубежом. Организуем Продвижение товаров и услуг 商品和服务的推广 Promotion of goods and services or export. Разместим Бизнес объявления 商业广告 Business announcements. Проведем Сертификацию товара 产品认证 Product certification экспорт импорт. Приглашаем Стать партнером 成为一个合伙人(参与者 Become a partner!

Politics remains a policy, and entrepreneurs are actively engaged in building trade relations, said Sergey Katyrin. Yes, today the relations between Russia and the West, Russia and Britain could be better. But in difficult moments, the business is looking for new opportunities. Sergey Katyrin reminded that in the last Doing Business rating of the World Bank, our country took 35th place, while a few years ago it occupied 120th place. The inflow of foreign direct investment into the Russian economy in 2016 increased fivefold and amounted to 33 billion dollars. But today it is sometimes difficult to be fully aware of new mutual opportunities and needs. Therefore, Sergey Katyrin concluded, the RF CCI and RBCC should identify promising areas and work to attract the business to their implementation.

The participants were addressed in Russian by the RBCC patron His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent. He noted that in the relations between the countries there have been difficulties in recent years. We must be able to learn from the past and go forward. In the opinion of the RBCC patron, the changes in Britain and Russia will contribute to the development of cooperation between his country and the Russian Federation.

What is missing for foreign business today for successful interaction with Russian business? — this question was asked by the Governor of the Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov and answered him. There is not enough, in the Governor’s opinion, adequate political support, the essence of which is to protect the business from prosecution, from the point of departure, where and when it should go. Political trends and preferences are changing, and business, in fact, is eternal. It is always more profitable to remove barriers than to erect them, because sooner or later one will have to spend energy on their demolition. Anatoly Artamonov suggested that the next forum be held on the Kaluga region site in order to verify in practice the correctness of his words. Due to the right economic policy of the typical agricultural and regressive region, the Kaluga region has become industrially developed.
British Ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow reminded that our countries established diplomatic relations 450 years ago, 125 years ago Shell bought the first barrel of Russian oil, 101 years have passed since the creation of the RBCC. Mutual trade today is more than 10 billion pounds, 15 billion pounds were direct investment of British business in Russia. Serious Russian investments are coming to England, in particular, in the development of IT technologies, in the financial sector. More than 3,000 Russian students study at English schools. The ambassador expressed a sound idea: no sanctions were the primary cause of the economic crisis in Russia, and a fall in raw material prices. Russia has coped with the difficulties, and although the problems in relations between the countries are not very soon resolved, business should be oriented — and oriented — to cooperation and interaction.

An interesting interview was «Productivity in the financial sector», conducted by the RBCC managing director Stuart Lawson and the president of CityUK company Markus Scott. There were also two discussion sessions — «Ways and tools to increase productivity» and «How Russia uses domestic and foreign experience for the production of advanced products.»
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