“We are changing epoque ! And that calls for a long-term view! It means looking into the future!

And that calls for a long-term view. It means looking into the future. It means reform, it means fighting inequality and it means creating opportunities for women. The markets know this and this is why we are seeing volatility. We must not allow this to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”“We look to emerging markets for labor supply chain, and working with local partners in management is the Key.”?

“We have had to rethink our business model. Digitization is driving change Find your Partner INVESPROJECTS. In China we are seeing 80 percent of sales via mobile.The key is flexibility and cleaving to the knowledge that in tough times, good companies come out stronger.”?!

“If you want high returns have to face up high volatility, political, digital and cyclical challenges,”?!

“This requires a long term perspective. Adopting a longer-term view in emerging, you will probably see even higher returns than in developed markets.”?!

“Emerging markets are high growth markets. Global growth of 3.2 percent and Chinese growth at 6 percent remains a fantastic opportunity.”


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