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俄罗斯木炭制造商。 俄罗斯木炭目录 – 提供来自俄罗斯木炭制造商、供应商和分销商的批发俄罗斯木炭。 来自俄罗斯联邦的顶级出口商木炭。 您购买此产品的许多木炭制造公司:供应商。 来自俄罗斯的好东西。 木炭买家。 木炭进口商。 购买木炭。

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Помогаем собственникам бизнеса развивать проекты на мета рынках. Предлагаем информационную поддержку продвижение бизнеса товаров и услуг на внешние рынки. Консультационные услуги по развитию бизнесаКупить — продать товары за рубежом.

Подскажем как найти покупателя за границей — проведем преддоговорную работу и сопроводим сделку. Продвижение, реклама товаров и привлечение новых клиентов. Предложим услуги торгового брокера экспорт. Разместим в рамках информационного партнерства пресс-релизы и новости вашего бизнеса. Представим ваши товары и технологии. Организуем сертификацию и испытание товаров.



Engineering education and experience obtained by the company’s employees in previous R&D projects related to the bio-energetics was successfully applied in designing of equipment with high degree of mechanization and automation. Automated control over the engineering process of charcoal manufacturing allows ensuring high quality of products.

CERTIFIED RAW MATERIALS – all our raw materials are of non-criminal origin and registered in the state timber accounting system Unified State Automated Information System for Timber Accounting and Transactions therewith.

HARMFUL SUBSTANCES- AND DUST-FREE – only birchwood is used for manufacture of charcoal. During combustion of birch, no foreign odors appear. HIGH-GRADE COAL – all products get through pre-packing grade line before. Only large pieces of qualitative coal get into the package, without wastes and dust.

HIGH TEMPERATURE BURNING – northern birch has a high density providing with great heat. Except of our BBQLOGY branded package, if you prefer, we can pack our coal into craft bags under your brand. In 2019, the company was successfully audited in accordance with the FSC certification system. In 2021, we received regional award of Kostroma Region Administration – Exporter of the Year in the industrial area of 2020.