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Business information NIEJournal

Analysis of information

Data about markets, products, competitors. We investigate the trends in the development.

Client search

We use parsing tools to find suppliers, buyers, investors in Russia and abroad.

Promotion services

We have international practice and tools for promoting top search queries and advertising.

Reputation and brand

We research, track and evaluate, through the creation of industry and regional rankings.

Information support is a tool for promoting a business, collecting and distributing information to increase the flow of new customers, and as a result, increase the company’s profits. High-quality information for business helps to optimize costs and gain a strategic, competitive advantage in business development. The journal of international experts provides quality information services based on Roskomnadzor certificates   Эл№ФС77-56670.

Cooperation regulations

  1. Submit your problem by sending it to WhatsApp or e-mail.
  2. We analyze your request and contact you to agree on positions and terms of service.
  3. After agreement, we send you an invoice-contract, with the terms and conditions accepted by the parties.
  4. After payment, we proceed to the execution of the contract.
  5. At the end of the robots, we sign the act.

The order of prices is given below, All offers can be found in the tab “prices“. You can also subscribe to video channel with our suggestions, solutions and reviews.







Information for business

Journal of international experts we have international practice, necessary and confirming permits and innovative tools. In addition, the Journal of International Experts has connections and access to different levels of communities.

With operational information about markets, products and competitors, you can reduce risks for your company, optimize costs, and, most importantly, act effectively in a new, global economy.

We do not place logos of well-known companies to attract your attention, we keep information about our clients and projects confidential. Meanwhile, on the Internet, you can find gratitude from our clients for information support, the initiative of the clients themselves.

The world is rapidly transforming, but we are seeing many participants buy outdated, ineffective information services. In order not to fall into a hole, consult our experts.

Журнал международных экспертов  NIE Journal Свидетельства Роскомнадзора Эл№ФС77-56670.

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