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Вьетнамская бизнес — миссия в Россию

13.12.2020 @ 13:30
Уважаемые дамы и господа,
Торговое Представительство при Посольстве Социалистической Республики Вьетнам в Российской Федерации свидетельствует Вам свое уважение и имеет честь сообщить Вам следующее.
C целью расширения торгово — экономического сотрудничества между Вьетнамом и Российской Федерации, Министерства промышленности и торговли Вьетнам организует вьетнамскую бизнес — миссию в Россию. В состав делегации бизнесменов входят около 20 вьетнамских компаний, занимающихся поставками разных товаров как сельскохозяйственные товары, морепродукты и товары переработкой (пищевой) промышленности, разные сорта высококачественного чая, электронные изделия и т.д., которые экспортируются во многие страны мира.
В рамках данной поездки, 13 декабря 2017 года в ЦВК Экспоцентре будет проводить Вьетнамско — Российский бизнес — форум. В работе Форума примут участие представительство Министерства промышленности и торговли Социалистической Республики Вьетнам, Министерства экономического развития Российской Федерации, Посольства Вьетнама в РФ, Федеральная служба по ветеринарному и фитосанитарному надзору, Торгово — промышленной палаты РФ, Российские и Вьетнамские предприятия.
Торговое Представительство Вьетнама в РФ приглашает Вас принять участие в этом мероприятии, которое состоится в 13:30 в ЦВК Экспоцентр (г. Москва, Краснопресненская наб., 14), Павильон 7, 4 этаж, Конференц – зал. Регистрация в 13.30-14.00, начало мероприятия в 14:00 — 17:30. Ужин предлагается после бизнес — форум.
         Подробная информация о программе и предпринимателях — участниках вьетнамской делегации в прилагаемых файлах:
1.    Программа бизнес форума.
2.    Список предпринимателей  — участников вьетнамской делегации.
3.    Регистрационная форма участников форума.
         Участие в мероприятии бесплатное, регистрация обязательна до 12 декабря 2017 г. по электронной почте: minhdh@yandex.rutrinhxuanhieu1964@yahoo.comlamanhthang@yandex.ru.
Мы будем рады Вас видеть в этом бизнес — форуме.
Просим обратить внимание, что с учетом требований службы безопасности необходимо прийти заблаговременно и иметь при себе Приглашение!
         С уважением,
Ла Мань Тханг
         Третий секретарь
         Посольство Социалистической Республики Вьетнам
No. Name of Copany Brief Introduction Sector Address Tel./Fax Email / Website Name Position
1 HaLong Canfoco – DaNang Halong Canfoco Danang, Vietnam is one of the major tuna canneries in Vietnam.  Our company is strategically located in the capital city of Vietnam’s central region, exploiting the adjacent sustainable tuna fishing area in the East Sea (FAO Zone 71).  Our canned tuna products, available in cans or pouches, have been exported all over Europe and Asia.  We process our products in a new factory fully equipped with the latest technologies. Besides, our company also produces canned meat and frozen seafood. Food Processing (Seafood) Lot C3-4, C3-5 Tho Quang Seafood Service Industrial Zone, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Danang 0236 3925 678/ 0236 3925 616 halongcanfoco.dn@gmail.com/ www.halongcanfoco.com Nguyen Van Binh CEO
2 Annie’s Farm Company Limited Annie’s Farm Company Limited is one of the leading canned fruits and vegetable manufacturer in Vietnam. We supply a wide range of products from exotic fruits like pineapple, lychee, mango, papaya…to vegetables like pickled cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, baby corn… Food Processing (Fruits and Vegetables) Lot 32, MB 530, Dong Ve Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province +84 94 826 3355 info@anniesfarm.net/ www.anniesfarm.net Nguyen Phuong Nhung Sales Manager
3 Tu Thanh Company Limited With thousands of farmers in hundreds of villages spread across the fertile pockets, in addition to our own 150 acres corporate growing system, makes Tuthanh co.,Ltd. the largest producer of Gherkins, Tomatoes and Pineapple in Vietnam. To guarantee high quality of produce, qualified professionals scientifically monitor the whole process of growing. Our cultivation processes are strictly as per international standards and requirements on pesticides. Further, Tuthanh co.,Ltd. has in place, post-harvest handling systems to ensure careful and expeditious handling of the fruits to ensure maximum freshness, color and quality. Food Processing (Fruits and Vegetables) Lot 5 Dinh Huong Industrial Zone — Tay Bac Ga — Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province 023 791 2169/ 023 791 2168 tuthacovn@gmail.com/ www.tuthaco.com Dong Thi Tuyet Anh Director
4 A Chau Foods Joint Stock Company (ASIA J.S.C) Producing processing agricultural products such as: pickled cucumber, pickled tomato, canned pineapple, canned sweet corn, dried banana… Food Processing (Fruits and Vegetables) Commune 20, Nam Son Ward, Tam Diep City, Ninh Binh Province 0229 382 5946/ 0229 3825 928 oanh.achau88@gmail.com/ www.achaufoodstuff.com Tran Thi Kieu Oanh Import-Export Executive Office
5 Delta Sport Joint Stock Company Manufacturing sport balls, sport wear, fashion wear, and working wear Textile But Son town, Hoang Hoa District, Thanh Hoa Province 02373643275 delta@deltasport.com.vn/ www.deltasport.com.vn Nguyen Trong Tin Branch Director
6 Tuan An Electric Equipment Joint Stock Company Manufacture and supply of equipment and accessories in electricity industry for members of Viet Nam Electricity Group, Construction and Commerce Companies, Industrial Electrical Constructions, Industrial Zones, Export Markets. Supply solar systems, public lighting using solar power, Renewable Energy Projects. Electrical devices manufacturing 71 Ten Lua, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan District, HCMC 028 540 77385/ 028 375 25551 info@tuanan.com / http://www.tuanan.com Huynh Tuan An General Director
7 Nghi Sơn Aquatic Product import export Company Limited NGHI SON has been gradually gaining its name as a top prestige supplier in Vietnam having boat & factory for processing & exporting our seafish & seafood products located across different material areas from North to South of Vietnam producing a full range of seafish & seafood to export to over 80 markets in the world. Food Processing (Seafood) 7F, 85 Nguyen Huu Cau, Tan Dinh Ward, Dist. 1, HCMC (+84) 028 399 77 395 minh@nghisonfoodsgroup.com/ www.nghisonagricultural.com Nguyen Van Minh Director
8 Viet Trang Handicraft Company Exporting finished, semi-finished and raw materials to Asian market including Japan, Korea, China along with serving domestic market. Especially, we are the first company in Nga Son, which contracted to export seagrass product to Japan directly. Handicraft Commune 5, Nga Thanh, Nga Son, Thanh Hoa Province 091 260 4450 viettrangcraft@gmail.com/ www.viettrangcraft.com Tran Thi Viet Director
9 Phuda Tea Company The main duty of the company is to plant and produce black tea for export. Presently, the company has got 03 member enterprises and 03 processing factories with the capacity of 200 MT of fresh tea leaves per day. Located on the area with  abundant fresh tea leaves, the company owns 1,500 hectare of tea farms with high yield and good quality. The total made tea production is more than 5,000 MT annually. The processing plants are equiped with synchronous machineries imported from India, England, Japan and China… Tea Thanh Son Town, Thanh Son District, Phu Tho Province 0210 387 3554/ 0210 387 3547 phudateajv@gmail.com/ www.phudatea.com.vn Le Hai Chau General Director
10 The Vietnam National Tea-Joint Stock Corporation Vinatea has more than 50 years of experience in providing clean, quality products, meeting the demand of tea lovers around the world. The company has trade relations with over 120 companies and trade organizations in 50 countries and territories. Tea 92 Vo Thi Sau, Thanh Nhàn, Thanh Nhan Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi 0243 622 7040/0243 622 6991 info@vinatea.com.vn/ www.vinatea.com.vn Pham Duc Cuong Sales Manager
11 Vinatea Kim Anh Joint Stock Company Vinatea Kim Anh is now quite active about the breed and fresh bud tea materials to produce separately from kinds of teas: black tea, Pouchung-Oolong green tea, Japanese green tea, Gunpowder green tea…
Vinatea Kim Anh with thousands of hectares of tea applied modern cultivation process, mechanized step by step, the food safety in tea garden care are always paid attention, Vinatea Kim Anh’s concentrated tea gardens have at present the average productivity of approximate 15 tons of fresh bud tea/hectare.
Vinatea Kim Anh always exploits natural material sources to produce organic fertilizer, micro organic fertilizer used for tea plants suitably to conditions of soil, argo-chemistry and land’s long-term useful source.
Tea Thai Phu Village, Soc Son District, Hanoi 0243 884 1046 infokimanh@vinatea.com.vn / www.kimanhtea.com Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa Sales Executive
12 Dong Anh electrical equipment corporation — joint stock company Production capacity:
— 500kV power transformer: 03-05 unit/year.
— 220kV power transformer: >20 unit/year.
— All kinds of 110kV power transformer, power up to 63MVA: >60 unit/year.
— Distribution and intermediate transformer: the production is more than 2500 unit/year.
— Dry transformer: capacity from 30kVA to 5600kVA, voltage up to 35kV.
— Many kinds of bare cable, steel cable, ground wire with cross section up to 700mm2 for transmission line up to 500kV: 2500 ton/year.
— Disconnector switchrs with voltage from 6kV to 220kV: 1000 set/year.
— Low  voltage cubicles, motive power cubicles, transformer remote control cubicles: 1500 unit/year.
— Kiosk substations: 200 set/year.
— Products of magnetic wire, cooper bar, flat copper.
— Current transformers, current voltages, fuses cut-out.
— Overhauling, repairing 110kV, 220kV and 500kV power transformers: >40 unit/year; intermediate and distribution transformers: 400-500 unit/year.
Electrical devices manufacturing 189 Lam Tien, Dong Anh town, Hanoi +84 24 388 20386 mail@eemc.com.vn / www.eemc.com.vn Nguyen Hai Quan Technology Manager
13 Yen Binh Trading and Investment Company Limited Production and processing of cassava starch exporting to many countries Cassava starch Lang May Village, Vu Linh Ward — Yen Binh District — Yen Bai Province 024 399 38558 botsanyenbinh@gmail.com Tran Sy Hung Director
Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan Sales Deputy Manager
14 Phuc Thinh Production Processing of Agricultural and Forestry products materials Agriculture The company officially came into operation on 08/10/2014 with the main areas as: Manufacturing and trading cassava starch and its byproducts, planting roots (cassava), producing biogas, trading and import and export of fertilizers … The main products of the company are tapioca starch, with reasonable price and stable quality, ensuring food hygiene and safety should be increasingly used by customers. . At present, Cassava Starch Factory has capacity of 200 tons of products per day, with modern equipments and production lines, our products are gradually conquering domestic and international markets. China, Belarus …) Cassava starch Co Mot Village, Phuc Thinh Ward, Ngoc Lac District, Thanh Hoa Province 02378 953 777/ 02378 953 789 phucthinhtbs@gmail.com/ www.phucthinh-jsc.com.vn Nghiem Minh Tien Chairman
15 Kim Chinh Joint Stock Company Kim Chinh Joint Stock Company has been operating in the fields of supplying raw materials for fertilizer production, raw materials for animal feed production and fertilizer production. NPK, animal feed production, import and export, … for 20 years  Fertilizer 37 Street, Tien Trung Zone, Ai Quoc Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province 022 037 53972/ 022 037 52040 kimchinh@kimchinh.vn/ www.kimchinh.vn Nguyen Thi Chinh Director
16 Haocanh porcelain production and trading Co.ltd Facilities include seven plants in an area of ​​over 200,000 m2, which has 4 factories producing first-class sanitary ware, 03 high grace art porcelain factories. In this year, our company’s workforce will reach nearly 2000. Advanced production lines and modern, capacity reaches 1,500,000 annual average first-class sanitary products / year and high grace art porcelain products reaches 20,000,000 / year. We have been installing 4 new modern lines which are imported from Europa. Porcelain Tien Hai Industrial Zone, Dong Co Ward, Tien Hai District, Thai Binh Province + 84 227 3781 668/+84 227 3651 857 haocanhtb@gmail.com/ www.haocanhceramic.com Nguyen Trung Tuyen Executive Officer
Vu Ngoc Thinh Deputy Director
17 Visimex Joint Stock Company Our key manufacturing products are pepper, cashew nut, cinnamon, star anise which have been acknowledged in the global market and clients. In another hand, Visimex also succeed in dealing with additional agro commodities such as: coffee, tapioca chip, tapioca starch, desiccated coconut, turmeric, ginger …etc. Food processing (vegetables) 4F, Gemadept Building, 108 Lo Duc, Dong Mac Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi 024 397 65905/ 024 397 84080 info@visimex.com/ www.visimex.com Than Van Hung President
18 AVA Viet Nam Import Export Company Limited Currently the company is producing coffee, chilli paste, sauce, canned pineapple, dried noodle exporting to Russia both wholesale and retail in cities like Moscow, Vladimiavostok,… Food processing 2F, No 20, Lot 17, Van Khe New Residency, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi 0908 386 268 ava.vn.rus@gmail.com Le Tue Hieu Sales Director
La Thanh Mai Finance Director
19 Hung Thinh Material Trading Jsc Hung Thinh Jsc focus to produce and export Vietnam Special Glass Noodle – Brand name Mien Vuong – mienvuong.vn and other agriculuture products ò vietnam includes: Onion, Chilli, Ginger and other special fruit from Vietnam such like: Long – an, dragon-fruit, Lychee and Litchi …. Food processing M Floor — VG Building — Lane 235 Nguyen Trai — Thanh Xuan — Hanoi +84 24 222 07 28283/+84 24 222 07 289 bongbd.pp@gmail.com/ www.hungthinh.trustpass.alibaba.com Bui Duc Hong Director
20 CJ Cau Tre Foods Joint Stock Company (CJ CTE JSCO) CJ Cau Tre Foods Joint Stock Company (formerly Cau Tre Enterprise) was built in 1982 on the area of nearly 80,000 m2, of which more than 30,000 m2 is the factories with many modern equipments. Its product is diversified and abundant, made from raw materials and agricultural products and sold nationwide through supermarket and distribution agent. In addition, its product have been exported many countries around the world such as: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, … Food processing 125/208 Luong The Vinh Street, Tan Thoi Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM City +84 28 39612544 / +84 28 39612057 cautrejsco@cautre.vn/   http://www.cautre.vn/en Tran Thi Hoa Binh

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Паладьев Олег Николаевич – международный эксперт по вопросам глобального предпринимательства, и развитию внешнеэкономической деятельности https://wa.me/79169906144. Персональные консультации для собственников и руководителей бизнеса (стратегические сессии, коучинг, аутсорсинг). Предпринимательская практика с 1994 года.

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